Quit or get fired

Unfit, Illegit, Full of Sh!t: 45 Needs to Quit

It's time for Trump to resign

Given every incompetent, ignorant, indecent, illegal thing our 45th president has done—that we know about—are you baffled that there still isn’t an overwhelming national call for him to resign? His departure is long overdue.

So let's make it happen!

Under normal circumstances, we’d be marching on Washington and demanding that Trump leave office. Our streets are the place for other important activism right now, yet we can still send the message that it’s time for Trump to resign, while supporting the USPS. Here’s how:

  1. On a postcard, write why you believe Trump should resign and mail it to the White House and/or your Trump-supporting representative or senator
  2. Post a photo of your postcard on social media using the hashtag #QuitOrGetFired and tag @quitorgetfired.
  3. Use this graphic on social media.

Sure, it’s a long shot. But here’s what we know about Trump: His ego is fragile, and he hates losers. Maybe more than he hates quitters. If all signs point to a landslide in November, is it out of the question that he may choose saving face over suffering a humiliating defeat? He could resign for medical reasons, for example. Stranger things have happened. Together, we can show him that if he stays, Americans will make the choice for him at the ballot box.

The Republicans like to say that government should be run like a business. If you had an employee who was grossly unqualified and insubordinate, and instead of making even the slightest attempt to do their job, they whined, tweeted and golfed, would you wait several months to fire them? And give them a chance at another four-year contract? Of course not.

Remember, Trump works for us. And he has already been allowed to do far too much damage. Each day of this “presidency” is an unacceptable affront. Let’s tell Trump loud and clear that he can quit now or get fired in November.